In a global market, where multiple skills are needed, a network of advisors and management in outsourcing is the most effective organizational model.
BTE has a network of professional, highly qualified to provide expert advice in various markets and sectors.
The extensive markets knowledge, onsite presence and expertise developed over the years focus our business consulting in the UAE market, in Europe and in Hong Kong.
The collaborations launched and established, constitute a value added in the c-level management services offered to BTE clients and partners worldwide.


Marco is a banking and structured finance manager and advisor; working from more than 30 years with his group of companies spread across the globe, Mr. Tusino aim to leading providers of financial services and fund solution and participation, trough secure investment and return into the markets' platforms.
Marco is a talented visionary and the core of his business are the robust relationships he has built with his partners and clients, corporations and governments.
Enjoying a rich portfolio of excellent business partners and top class bankers and clients, Marco Tusino intend diversifying and expanding his Alliance business, by establishing international class projects and business entities with the strong collaboration of each other.


Marinella is a Cosmopolitan person, lived in the last 20 years in more than ten countries around Europe, Africa, USA, Asia and Middle East.
She is a Global Networker, experienced in Internationalization field as well in project manager, Investment Advisor, business mentor providing structured governance methodologies, compliance and para-legal support for International players: private business people as well for public institutions.
She uses her international managerial capacity acting as a bridge even in innovative area, in blockchain solutions and frontier techs, among Europe, Middle East and Far East.

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