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BTE Match-Making Goal

The goal of the “BTE Match-Making Support” is to create joint ventures, partnerships and collaborations sustainable and profitable, among innovative companies and business people worldwide with organizations based in Hong Kong and in GCC area. 

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BTE Knowledge Transfer

BTE enable the exchange of knowledge by promoting the transfer of innovative technologies, the exchange of management and business know-how, among business people with advanced skills, each on their own target sector, all over the world.

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BTE Business Partnerships

The "BTE Match-Making Support" is possible thanks to the development of strong business partnership worldwide, both at private and governmental level, that BTE, its members and its partners, have built up over the years. 


BTE Stakeholders Goal

The goal of the stakeholders of the program “BTE matchmaking support” should be long-term; the parties must intend to be actively involved at 360° and, above all, they should be prepared to face the risk inherent the entrepreneurial process.

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BTE will support the client in Match-Making activities after a proper formal engagement.

IMPORTANT Note: Projects of pure import-export as agents, or at merely success’s fee, finder’s fee, or similar kind of fees, are excluded.
BTE corporate policy. BTE considers only international projects to be dealt as complex structured processes, by scheduling and taking advantage of specific project management skills.

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