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In a global market, where multiple skills are needed, a network of advisors and management in outsourcing is the most effective organizational model.
BTE has a network of professional, highly qualified to provide expert advice in various markets and sectors.
The extensive markets knowledge, onsite presence and expertise developed over the years focus our business consulting in the UAE market, in Europe and in Hong Kong.
The collaborations launched and established, constitute a value added in the c-level management services offered to BTE clients and partners worldwide.

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Marco is a banking and structured finance manager and advisor; working from more than 30 years with his group of companies spread across the globe, Mr. Tusino aim to leading providers of financial services and fund solution and participation, trough secure investment and return into the markets' platforms.
Marco is a talented visionary and the core of his business are the robust relationships he has built with his partners and clients, corporations and governments.
Enjoying a rich portfolio of excellent business partners and top class bankers and clients, Marco Tusino intend diversifying and expanding his Alliance business, by establishing international class projects and business entities with the strong collaboration of each other.

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Marinella is a Cosmopolitan person, lived in the last 20 years in more than ten countries around Europe, Africa, USA, Asia and Middle East.
She is a Global Networker, experienced in Internationalization field as well in project manager, Investment Advisor, business mentor providing structured governance methodologies, compliance and para-legal support for International players: private business people as well for public institutions.
She uses her international managerial capacity acting as a bridge even in innovative area, in blockchain solutions and frontier techs, among Europe, Middle East and Far East.

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BTE C-Level Executive

bte innovation lab

BTE Innovation Lab is the technical arm of Billion Team Enterprise.


BTE Innovation Lab is an open innovation physical and digital powerful network and a platform for game changer in the AWM and related industries.

BTE R & D & I.

At BTE, we do Research & Development & Innovation, addressing the real world trending needs of the investments sector, with frontier techs, academic research and the constantly updated support of a project-based governance structure.


Into the BTE Innovation Lab, fostering a cooperative environment among start-ups, scale-ups, accelerators and Investors, with the support of our Alliance of cutting edge interdisciplinary industries' experts, following the BTE policies, we create, test and design white label innovative business models, in a sustainable way, building de facto a bridge toward digital transformation.



​"The future, hic et nunc!"

- Marinella Andaloro 


BTE developer triggering the future |

#Future Innovations #Digital Business models #4IRTechs #FinTech #Blochchain #DeFi #AI #ML #IoT

Salvo Barbera is a nineteen years old creative talent incubated, in a learning by doing path, into the highly dynamic environment of the BTE innovation lab, where there is the awareness that strategic investment decisions being made today will shape the future. Despite his very young age, Salvo is passionate about emerging techs and he is an experienced developer in the IT industry; he is willing to change the world through technology, cooperating with like-minded smart people. Salvo is able to programming in different languages: Phyton, Java, C++, PHP, JSON, Solidity, etc.
Salvo knows different operative systems and has competences in cybersecurity; moreover, he designs web networks, implementing hardware and software, further he is skilled in development apps for android systems, web platforms and web-based applications, Salvo completed the Secondary School Diploma in Information Technology and Communication, and he is currently student at the University in IT engineering.

Samir Buzatu.jpg


IT graphic designer on the road to frontier techs |

Samir Buzatu is an eighteen year old student, he deals with the design for the world wide web of the BTE. Its task is to combine design through the use of digital technologies available, to facilitate user navigation. He has knowledge about different design contexts and uses them to create websites and applications that are performing, technical, and extremely easy to use to ensure a user-friendly experience. He also has great skills with 3D software, which helps him to make realistic prototypes for the project he is involved in. Moreover, thanks to his field of study he is able to program in different languages: C++, Python and Java.

​"In the digital world, as in the real world, transparency and integrity must be the core values that guide a professional and ethical behavior."

- Marinella Andaloro and Marco Tusino  



At BTE, into our legal department, we performing a strict due diligence and ensuring any local regulations, KYC/AML/GDPR compliance and data protection, concerning the client’s contracts, privacy and IPs, provide support giving legal advices to mitigate risks, to do sounding good investment decisions and to make successful cross-border network operations.


At BTE we support clients to leveraging and integrating new technologies in their traditional activities, in order to reach their business goals and thrive in the marketplace with highly competitive blockchain, crypto and FinTech startups.


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Business Lawyer -  International Lawyer - Digital Lawyer – Startups Lawyer - Legal Engineering

Valerio is the Head of the BTE Legal Department. Valerio, leveraging his international experience as well the one of the BTE Alliance of experts worldwide, provides corporate legal and business consulting and management, as well accounting, financial and tax assistance, to the BTE prestigious clients and partners.  

Valerio, together with the BTE BoDs, provides tailor made solutions in different fields, matching his deep knowledge with the security of a team of young, dynamic and experienced professionals, providing the ideal path to solve every issue and meeting every need of the business, from administrative law, commercial, corporate and industrial law, labor law, banking and financial law, shipping and transport law, airport management law, aviation law, as well as specific commercial, financial and tax advice to  corporates and non-profit organizations.

Valerio is specialized in local and international corporate law, acting both at the time of the legal dispute and at a previous time, avoiding to end up in litigation thanks to the work done previously and the resolution of issues from the beginning, protecting corporate interests. 

Valerio, moreover, has a broad experience in assistance of companies in the internationalization of activities abroad and, in particular, in China and in the Russian Federation, specifically in the markets of gas, gasoline, food & beverage and spirits.  

Valerio is also specialised and able to provide and manage, solving all kinds of issues, the preparation, examination and registration of trademarks and patents worldwide.

Valerio is a BTE member as well he is manager and member of the board of directors of several industrial, commercial and service companies, with powers of attorney in the legal and corporate spheres, performing transactions with related parties, intra-group transactions with investee companies, contracts, corporate taxation, extraordinary corporate transactions, in different global markets. 

Valerio has legal offices based in Italy: Rome, Milan, Florence, Palermo; USA: New York; Europe: London; Russia: Moscow; China: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai; United Arab Emirates: Dubai.



|  A BTE lawyer in the blockchain landscape  |

Digital gold lawyer -  Techs Lawyer - business lawyer – FinTech lawyer - International lawyer

Awad is a BTE lawyer. He is a GCC business lawyer with HQs in Dubai, working all around the world on investments and business transaction, going global solutions, corporate structuring and supercomplex operations related to emerging technologies.

Awad practice is internationally recognized in the capital market by HNWIs, corporations and institutions. Awad gave legal advice on a cumulated net worth transactions worth more than 1B €.

Combining his legal, business and investments background, his competences in the traditional law sectors (credit recovery & dispute resolutions, civil & criminal law, banking law, companies establshments, etc), with his governative relations and his interests in the new digital world, Awad, with the close cooperation of the extensive experience of the BTE Alliance, supports in facilitating liquidity across real and digital asset classes, including real estate, art, technology and commodities as well in blockchain ecosystem, in the governance and policy aspects and in the related disruptive techs.


​"Relationships are the true luxury"

- Marinella Andaloro & Marco Tusino 

The BTE dynamic BTE Team collaborate with a pool of international prestigious strategic partners with various backgrounds and multiple jurisdictions law firms, who collectively understand the vast legal and business implications of the digital world, to face just-in-time, across diverse practices range, many innovative topics.

Khalid AlAmri_edited.jpg


|  A BTE Strategic Business Partner in the GCC area  |

#businessman #investor #VC #HNWI #innovator

Khalid is a successful based GCC businessman and a very capable investor operating across different industries, in traditional and in innovative sectors.

Khalid is an entrepreneur with a valuable track-record working on reliability and on confidential basis.

Khalid is highly skilled and result driven with a remarkable experience in reaching complex business goals. 

Billion Team Experience. Business and Investment Solutions

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