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A central tenet of BTE heritage and business is looking for the best talents and hiring those qualified, highly skilled, experienced, and eager to meet the high expectations of BTE.

BTE is dedicated to creating excellent value for its clients worldwide and continuously it is looking for talented people to join BTE team.

BTE partners share several attributes and challenges —

A commitment to putting clients first, ensuring and providing the highest level of service innovating the ways to support, preserve and grow BTE clients' wealth.



Careers at BTE Finance Department


  • Investors Relation Management & Business Development

    • Requirements:

      • Bankers or ex bankers, still operating in financial field

        • With Investors Database

        • With Portfolio clients

        • With Track record of financial operation closed with success.

  • If you have an innovative project and need funding it, you can submit us your request to become BTE Stakeholder. At BTE, we will be pleased to give you our main criteria in order to evaluate it.

    • Basic Requirements:

      • Project Value: Minimum 5 Mil euro

      • At least 20-25 % of real asset (preferable cash) to put as guarantees.


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