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BTE General Charges


The fee for our service generally consists of two parts:


  • One-time Fee – to be paid in advance.

For the logistic expenses, for the drafting and preparation of the Information Memorandum and Contact with Potential Investors.

Usually: 1% of the whole amount of the project. Terms are 50% on engagement and 50% upon completion of report.

This Retaining Fee is REFUNDABLE if the Project will be closed successfully.


  • Success Fee, at the closing successful of the project.

A percentage from 1 up to 10%, to be agreed case by case.


BTE will be pleased to evaluate your specific case and proposal with PoA.

Because each project is different and it has to be evaluate case by case, it is difficult to establish fee guideline and the full process, so BTE charges sometimes need to be negotiated.

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