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Letter to the BTE Potential Stakeholders focusing in the business approach with our company by BTE BoDs



Dear BTE Potential Stakeholders,


I kindly inform you that, given the huge amount of requests for support and investment, our companies are presently considering only those new projects that match with the strict criteria of our portfolio of projects funders.

We kindly ask you to comply our guidelines so that we can clearly consider your requests / proposals.


To avoid wasting time, for you and for us, we inform you that prefer to interact with the Principal with respect to the proposed project, and that will be our direct client, that in order to interface with people who have negotiating power and especially decision-making power. Therefore, firstly, we will consider proposals directly from the signatory/the owner's patent.


Will be examined, on a priority basis, the Information Memorandum drawn up in clear and concise way, strictly including the following information:



• Shareholding structure

• Management team

• History and Mission



• Target country, Regulations and specific rules in the target sector

• Size and Trends

• Competitive Analysis



• Overview of the industry

• Business model

• Revenue model



• Description of the product / service

• Applied Technology & Competitive Advantage

• Value added and differentiation


Business and marketing Strategy

• Goodwill, Current Customers and target analysis

• Sales channels and distribution methods

• Existing and ongoing Partnership & reference target


Financial data

• Income statement and balance sheet referred to the last three years

• Budget and / or three-five years plan

• Cash flow expected, and cash absorption current


Structure of the proposed transaction and possible evaluation

- Please, specify the structure of the proposed operation with the potential out-put and the way-out strategy, and provide any pre-assessment and/or the due diligence already certified by experts.

- Please, further set in a very clear way your well-defined role in the proposed transaction and your expressed full responsibility for and into that.

- In addition, it is important the presence of required guarantees as collateral, such as real assets, already present, and the percentages of such with respect to the amount of the whole proposed project


If your memorandum has a deficit on one or more of the basic factors above, is possible to overcome those issues, making a formal request for a professional support of our BTE experts in the field.



         Access to an international network and support for investment are the services with higher added value, especially in early stage financing operations.


So, if you would like to discuss about a viable investment for your innovative genuine projects (for ex. a green/alternative energy, or in luxury investment sectors, or other your projects in Hi-Tech), that requires our funding, or if you need a temporary management, or a business development, or our professional know how, advices and services in the internationalization field, following a Corpotate Policy complying the interational rules in the specific field proposed, please feel free to contact BTE, firstly introducing yourself with the above criteria, plus sending all the documentations needed (business plan, feasibility study, financial projection, etc) in order to be able to afford:


  • A preliminary screening,

  • An objective assessment

  • Moreover, the necessary due diligence (legal, accounting, of business and technology DD) on the projects.


Thank you for your time and your interest, looking to hearing from you.


With our kindest regards,


Marinella Andaloro and Marco Tusino

BTE Co-Founders and Directors

Billion Team Experience. Business and Investment Solutions

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